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Cleavage Cream
For Natural Breast Enhancement.
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You can have fuller, larger breasts naturally!

Cleavage breast growth complex is especially formulated for women who desire fuller, firmer breasts with a safe, easy-to-use, non-staining, gentle cream. There are no side effects or discoloration.

The rich natural ingredients of Cleavage Cream can diminish stretch marks, firm breasts, and moisturize. The application of the cream on a regular basis helps to stimulate and assist with breast growth. The alluring scent of vanilla and cinnamon is soft and pleasant.

Clinical tests have shown that over 80% of the women who tried Cleavage saw an increase in their breast cup size. Many women experience increase of 2 full cup sizes. Cleavage cream promotes the growth of healthy tissue in the breast.

Cleavage contains only pure and natural ingredients.

For best results, it is necessary to use this product for minimum two (2) months.

I have had surgical breast implants, so will Cleavage work for me?

  • You can try it and see, but we have no test data on use with implants.

    After getting to the desired size, can I stop and the growth remain permanent?
  • Yes, the growth is permanent and will not go away.

    Will my breasts stop growing once I have stopped using the cream?
  • Yes.

    Have any other side effects been reported?
  • Yes, one case of allergy.

    Which is the best breast enlargement product?
  • Since Cleavage is the original formula and cream and capsules for many companies under their brand name are produced in the same Laboratory , hence it knows a lot about breast growth products.

    The jar for one month is for Indian Rupees 1900.It is much less than other companies prices.


    Apply a small amount of cream to each finger tip and message gently in a circular motion to each breast twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.
    This elegant cream is to be applied daily to the breast and surrounding tissue area. Cleavage Cream nourishes and moisturizes these tissues which stimulates the development of a fuller, more alluring bust line.
    Massage a small amount into each breast at least 2 times daily (morning and evening) for 5 minutes. Do not use for 1 hour prior to bathing (best to use after bathing). Results from the gentle formula cream normally start to appear within 8 weeks. Cleavage cream will also help to prevent stretch marks once your breasts begin their growth cycle.
    Cleavage Cream is made in the USA at an FDA certified laboratory.



    If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, please return unopened jars for a refund. This refund excludes all shipping charges.



    WL, Southern USA) Age: About 30

    I took Cleavage for 3 months total.
    After the birth of my fourth child left me as a AA cup with a 38 inch chest, nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a decent bra that fit and no padded bras in size 38 anything... It took me between 6 weeks and 2 months to notice anything with regard to my breasts. What I did notice (and I am being honest with you here) is that my face broke out in pimples just like the kind I had as a teenager. Now this was not a big problem, I used oxy10 and Clearasil and cleared up my skin... I attribute the skin problems I experienced to the fact that the ingredients in our product either include, or make your body create, the hormone which is present in only teenage girls. The hormone is responsible for breast growth, and the other issues associated with puberty in young women.
    Anyway, after the 2nd month I was in a B cup but wanted to go farther. I took it for 3 months and about 2 weeks when I filled out a C cup I no longer used it and my bust is not changed since that day.

    Mariko-Osaka, Japan: (23)

    "Not until I used Cleavage cream did I have hardly any breasts. Japanese women are usually not very big in the breasts. After 7 weeks my breasts expanded so much that new bras had to be purchased. Happily I did not resent this extra cost. Many of my friends have also tried the cream and over half now have bigger breasts. Thank you."

    Sonjia-Manilla, Philippines: (31)

    "In the Philippines many women have small breasts. It seems it is our diet or maybe hereditary but it is not the best way to be. Several of my friends, all about 30, tried the Cleavage cream and within 6-9 weeks most of us had bigger breasts. Some had a small increase but others, including myself, had a 2 cup increase. We are very happy to have tried this process and will be trying it again soon to see if it will give us an even bigger size increase."

    Monika-Stuttgart, Germany: (37)

    "Most people think all German women have big breasts, but it is not true. Some women, like me, developed small breasts (barely a B cup)."

    "I tried your products and my increase was very surprising. Maybe, since I am German and should have been born with big breasts, the increase was over 2 cup sizes. Now my friend in Frankfurt is trying your process, and I hope with the same result."

    For all-natural breast enlargement and breast enhancement, use a product that is safe and reliable, Cleavage Cream!