Contour Magic
For a smaller waist
8oz (232g)

In USA & many
other countries.

Study Results     

For a smaller waist, rub Contour Magic on your waist and the fat will burn off more quickly than other parts of your body. This cream "Speeds up" the metabolism in the area that it is rubbed. This is why it is called Contour Magic!

Contour Magic can shape your body, due to it's "fat burning" properties. Contour Magic lets you "target" problem areas for accelerated fat burning with its space age formula in personal body shaping.

Just rub Contour Magic onto the areas of your body you want reduced the most, and the fat will burn off faster in those areas. Do not rub it all over your body otherwise it will not reduce specific areas. Just apply to the parts of your body you want to reduce. Our cream speeds up the metabolism in those areas, especially when exercising. No need for Liposuction.

You may want to begin with the waist, hips, arms, then after they have been reduced, go to the next areas.
A smaller waist promotes larger breasts. Lose inches of fat exactly where you need it most - face, upper arms, thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks, and especially the waist.
It is all up to you!

Contour Magic has a fresh, clean scent and causes an increase in circulation to targeted areas, so you can use Contour Magic to magically create a beautiful new you!


Cream should be rubbed on those areas that you want reduced twice each day, once in the morning, once at night and just prior to physical exercise. Contour Magic is extremely effective with brisk exercise.


Study Results

Studies have shown that in 30 days 1-3 inches can be reduced, in 60 days 3-6 inches can be reduced and in 90 days 6-9 inches can be reduced. Of course you must also watch your intake of fattening foods for this to be effective and permanent.



8 ounces of cinnamon scented cream in an easy to use cosmetic jar.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Contour Magic:

1. What is the cost of the treatment?

Answer: Suppose that a man/woman purchased just one jar of Contour Magic for his/her own personal use; and that jar had cost him/her Indian Rupees 3500. Further suppose that she used the entire jar, after which she immediately discontinued treatment. Then, the total cost of his/her treatment would have been Indian Rupees 3500.

2. For what period does one have to undergo this treatment to see a difference?

Answer: Contour Magic takes about 45 days of constant use (use once in the Morning and once at night) before the body shape begins to change.

3.How does Contour Magic work and what is the Scientific theory behind it?

Answer: Contour Magic lets the user target problem areas for accelerated fat burning. The formula speeds up the metabolism in areas where it is rubbed. This allows centimeters of fat to be reduced exactly where the user needs it most - upper arms, thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks, and, especially, the waist - How much reduction is up to the person.

4. Why use Contour Magic?

Answer: Many people would like to have their bodies shaped a little differently. But, until Contour Magic, that has been impossible.

5. What is a good sweat?

Answer: Contour Magic causes an increase in circulation and metabolism, promoting a "good sweat". It takes energy to sweat; more energy than most people think. And like most energy-consuming processes, SWEATING BURNS CALORIES! And, for most of us, it's just not a workout unless we sweat. Contour Magic greatly enhances and accelerates the sweating process during vigorous exercise - burning extra calories just where you need a little extra help.

6. Does it smell good?

Answer: Contour Magic had a fresh, clean cinnamon scent, and can be worn under workout clothing. Apply a very light layer of Contour Magic where needed. Contour Magic increases the skin temperature by 3 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius - a nice warm feeling, never uncomfortably hot.

7. Do I have to exercise?

Answer: No, you can promote a good sweat in a sauna or bath. The skin with Contour Magic will sweat more freely than other skin areas, burning more calories and destroying ugly fat in those places, When the user has finished exercising Contour Magic, can be removed with soap and water (the user sweats only when and where he/she wants to when you use Contour Magic!)

8. How long will one 8 ounce(224gram) jar last?

Answer: A little Contour Magic goes a long way. One jar will last an individual for 30 to 90 days depending on how much is used and on how many parts for ther body.

9. How will the user know that his or her body has been re-shaped?

Answer: From before & after photos. Take photos and measurements before you begin the process, and you will see the difference in 45 days or less. Remember your body did not get to be the way it is overnight and it cannot be changed that quickly either.

10. Does the user become obese again if treatment stopped?

Answer: Contour Magic is not a cure for obesity. It is a way of shedding unwanted kilograms and centimeters just where the subject wants to lose them. If a person adopts and practices good dietary and exercise habits right after discontinuing treatment, then he/she may expect to remain slim. However, if he/she overeats and leads a sedentary lifestyle, then he/she can expect to regain at least some of the lost weight and dimensions.

11. Can the user, during treatment and afterwards, take normal less-fatty home cooked food, 3 meals a day, normal quantity per meal or there is some special food or food-supplement or dieting required?

Answer: Normal food can be eaten. There is no special diet. However, we recommend that the user investigate and adopt a permanent, overall plan of wellness, especially tailored to his/her own condition and preferences, including, a balanced diet, fresh air, plenty of water, adequate rest, and frequent exercise.