Cellulite - Thigh Magic
To reduce size of thighs
8oz (232g)

In USA & many
other countries.


No More Fat Cellulite Thighs!
More women are unhappy with the way their thighs look than any other part of their body.

For great looking thighs try Thigh Magic! Thigh Magic Cream with 1% Aminophylline, destroys cellulite body fat that just naturally develops on women's thighs.

Thigh Magic eliminates cellulite, so that you have: NO MORE UGLY LUMPY THIGHS! This is not just a surface cosmetic cream, it actually breaks up the lumps!

With regular use Thigh Magic reduces fat deposits, and will reduce the size of your thighs.

Contents: Comes in an 8 ounce cosmetic jar.